Roberts Farm Preserve

Trail: Roberts Farm Preserve
Location: 64 Roberts Road, Norway ME
Length: Varied
Difficulty: Easy
GPS Track w/ Waypoints: Roberts Farm Preserve
Map: Map of Preserve (PDF Courtesy of Western Foothills Land Trust)
Geocaches in the area: GC241XX, GCGV0K, GC241YD, GC241Z0, GC2422Q, GC2423M, GC2421A, GC2420G, GC24200, GC2421V, GC23ZJJ, GC2422C

This week the Sidekick and I were fighting off a cold and just were not up to doing a complete hike.  One day I was exploring to and discovered that there was a large land preserve close by.  After more research I discovered that 150 Roberts Farm Preserve had a large network of walking, snowshoeing, and biking trails.  Some of the trails where even handicap accessible.  We headed there to do some strolling along the trails and to also do some geocaching along the way.

I was quite pleased to see the work that had been done by the Trails Association that has been doing the trail work in the Preserve.  The trails were clearly marked and well maintained.  All of the trail junctions were clearly marked with a number or letter which made it quite easy to find where you were located in the Preserve.  At the entrance of the trail system in the Preserve the Association has placed some trail maps that have been heavily laminated  to assist in your explorations.  Please make sure that they are returned for the next hiker.

As I mentioned the trails were clearly marked and well maintained.  In fact most of the trails where quite wide and open, either graveled or grassed over the going was very easy.  Interwoven with the large open trails where smaller trails that have been designed to a little bit more of a challenge and also paths for those of us that enjoy snowshoeing during the winter months.  That path that I took wove through the park and ended up being about 3.3 miles and only covered about a third of the park.  Each of the trails have been named after those that have left their mark on the local community. A description of the history of each can be found on the information bulletin in the parking lot.

This is a great Land Preserve open to all for no price besides respecting the rules and posted signs.  Currently due to trail construction they are asking for bike and horse riders to take a vacation from the trails this summer until the surface area grows a little bit more firm.

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