Highwater Trail

Trail:  Highwater Trail
Location: White Mountain National Forest Maine – Evans Notch
Difficulty: Low
GPS Track w/ Waypoints: HighWaterTrail.gpx
Geocaches in the area:  GCGE1EGCA173

UPDATE:  Thanks to our visit from Tropical Storm/Hurricane Irene the suspension bridge is gone.  If the water is low then a crossing in this area is pretty easy.





The Highwater Trail is a fairly easy trail.  I recently hiked the first 2.3 miles of the trail from the trail head to the washed out bridge on Fire Road 52 (WP FR52) Narrow in spots it is mostly a single lane track through the woods but occasionally opening up enough to allow side by side hikers.  For the most part the path covers mildly sloping terrain with only a few steep locations that require care at trail erosion locations, and stream crossings.

When you first enter the trail (yellow blazes), after crossing the suspension bridge that spans the Wild River, the path hugs the river as you travel upstream.  If you keep an eye out to the right side of the path there will be breaks in the tree cover that indicate an old beaver pond that is starting to be filled in by time and the forest.  This is a can be a great location to find moose and deer but today they were else where.

The trail does split (WP SPLIT) at a Y intersection shorting after passing the beaver pond.  Continue up the right side of the fork and follow the yellow blazes.  If you continue to the right you will immediately run into a poorly maintained section of the trail.  After the split the trail trends up a gentle hill.  There are a few muddy spots and stream crossings in this area.  For about a mile you will be away from the river but eventually you will start a gradual decline until you reach the river again.  Here the trail will shortly widen a little and is a fairly easy walk until you reach the turn around spot.

Some things you might want to keep in mind if you have small ones with you on this trail.  At WP Washout the path has suffered some erosion and there is a few spots just before and after the Waypoint that has a small drop off edging the trail.  There is a great swimming hole just downstream of the suspension bridge that actually has a small sandy beach (during low water levels) with a large shallow section and small deep section.

Pictures of the Hike

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